What do you hate most about flash games?

Original text was written in 2011 summer. I not necessary agree with what is said bellow, but it is so fun to read that I decided to publish this old text anyway. Have fun:

I always had weak computer so I never played hot titles like Need For Speed or Call of Duty, instead I had fun with browser based MMO and flash games.
Today I want to talk about flash games. Flash games developers often forget that what applies to big titles not always is true for the small ones.
What do you hate about flash games most?

While you think, let me share my list:
1) Music. Then you make game like Silent Hill you need music to set the mood right. Why the hell you need stupid music for a flash game? STOP MAKING MUSIC FOR FLASH GAMES! Then I play flash game I want to listen to my favorite mp3 collection or my online radio station. So the first thing I do then game loads - turn of that f*** music. Am I alone doing this?
2) No sound/music off button. If I can’t find music off button, I don’t play the game even if it’s the best flash game in the entire flash games history. Flash games with music just piss me off.
3) Music/sound off button is not working correctly. Well, there are number of ways how can it work wrong. You turn sound off and in the beginning of every level it automatically turns on. Or… You turn sound off and then you something achieve some dude greets you. Or…
4) This game brought to you by [insert company name here] studio. I don’t mind to see ten flashing logos before I can play the game. I just hate sound. Do all my neighbors really have to know then I play stupid games?
5) Story line intros. I hate this, really. Imagine: game where stickman kills other stickmen and it has intro. Army of stickmen kidnaps a random stickman. I know it sound terrible to read that. But to look at it is even more horrible . Who wants to ready that stupid intro dialogs, it’s not Diablo5 it’s a stupid flash game!
6) 8-bit games. Do you want to know what my favorite game was back then? It’s Stunt Car Racer (It even plays sounds through speaker). I know, after playing Need For Speed it looks just stupid. I played 8-bit games back then a lot. And now… You have all the best technology now and make 8-bit game on flash? You are pathetic. It’s not cool, it’s just stupid!
7) Sorry, you are dead, try again? You have like ten lives, pass five levels and die. And next thing – you see ten company logos flashing again. Why game dropped me at the first game point? Why it could not just throw me at “choose level to play" place? Is it too hard to do this?
Are you ready to share your list?