Hi, I am NePo

Sometime ago Lithuanian parliament declared that surname belongs to the nation, not to the person. At least they do not require to register nicknames (yet). I am a blogger from Lithuania who was blogging under NePo nicknames more than ten years. I love writing. Also I love games.

I was introduced to programming then I got my first PC. My father introduced me to Delphi (Pascal) programming language. First thing I tried to make was a game. It was a simple 2D game of sinking ships. I made a game, but it was blinking and flashing… At that moment I found out that there is such thing as “Graphics" and you just can't say “move left". Back then there were no frameworks and tools looked like from the stone age. It was hard to make games.

My second game was Tic Tac Toe (huge step back). It did not need “Graphics" as it was only buttons and no moving things.

My third game also my bachelor work was MMO (no lack of ambitions there). It was successful. And by successful I mean, I done everything I planed. To be fair it was played by ~100 people, so I did not run into any big troubles like server overload, hacking, cheating or critical bugs.

After graduating the university I still made games on my free time. Most of them I played by myself. A few got lucky and gathered ~50.000 players just in a week or so.

I always wanted to work in game industry, but I never wanted to be game programmer or game tester. I send my CV on every chance I saw, I got invited to the interviews three times. No luck. I guess 50.000 players means a shit in the real world.

After the last interview went south, I though: I do not need anyone's permission to do what I want and I do not need anyone's permission to share what I am doing. Yes, I would love this to be my full time gig, but it is still better to have a hobby you really enjoy than do nothing. Games really light my fire. If I spend just an hour a day doing something related to the games, I go to bed really happy.

Let's talk about love for games next time.