Disassembling the game

In my first text I wrote short introduction about myself. Now let's talk about idea behind this blog.

I love playing games, but my love is different than most of people. I can spend hours and hours playing the game I like, but the main reason why I spend that time is not enjoyment. Of course if I do not enjoy the game I don't play it at all.

The main reason for spending a lot of time on the game is trying to understand mechanic behind the game. Why this (or that) game is so good? Can I make it even better? What happens if I remove one feature of the game? Will the whole logic go south?

In this blog I would love to discuss what makes games great, but there is one caveat: I will talk only about small games.

I am one man band: I make ideas, I write the code, I draw the art, I do the testing and the last thing – I do the marketing. So I will be talking about the games that small Indie company could make, which mostly includes Flash, HTML5 and mobile games. Of course I have my preferences to the games, so probably not all kinds of games will be discussed here. For every game I will try to find what make it tic, what is not so good, what can be better.

From time to time we will talk about the code, but I do not think that code is a problem. There are tons of tutorials how to code games, but most beginners make games that suck. Why? Because knowing how to code is not enough. Do you want to make a good game or the one nobody cares? If you want to make a good game you have to understand how games work. If you want to understand the game, you have to play it. So start playing.